New Escort In Town part 1

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Jonelle Brooks
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Jonelle Brooks is the New Escort in Town. She was already on your speed dial as the most favorite call girl, so it was only a matter of time when the sexual appetite took over. Jonelle always was a stunner slender figure, feminine features. As she appears in your kitchen clad in a dress to die for, you remember all over again why you cant get enough of her. As she bends over to pour a glass of Merlot, she gives you that piercing look that instantly makes you forget your name. You start running your fingers through her hair as both of your eyes lock in that moment market by uncontrollable attraction and fate. Next thing you know, she is on her knees, taking you in her sultry mouth. You give her a good titty fuck and get even closer to grand penetration by rubbing your private parts. Then the moment arrives and you ram it into her from behind. Moving onto the couch, there is more fucking and sucking action. After that, you get on the receiving end of Jonelles rod as she takes you to ecstasy right then and there, finishing off her load on you. Read more

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