Slag Angels On Wheels Episode One

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Colby Jansen
Natalie Mars
Anal BDSM Hardcore Pornstars Shemale and Male Shemale Domination

The Slag Angels are roughest, toughest, sexiest all girl biker gang that runs a small town in the middle of nowhere bumfuck USA. When Jethros Colby Jansen best friend Bob Dozer goes missing, Jethro knows The Slag Angels have something to do with it. He confronts badass Angels member Paloma Natalie Mars in order to get some answers. Paloma knows what beefcake boys like Bob want and shes not afraid to use this knowledge to her advantage. She rips off Jethros tank, takes out his dick, and lets him get a taste of her own sweet cock. Bob drops to his knees, worshipping this leather goddess beautiful hard cock. Paloma then pushes Jethros tongue into her sweaty ass, letting Jethro clean her up with his greedy tongue. She instructs him to finger fuck her asshole open so she can fuck herself with a thick dildo while Jethro sucks her cock. His eyes widen as he watches her asshole swallow up that cock! And lucky for Jethro, his cock is next. Paloma rides Jethros hard cock before commanding him to do the work and laying on her back. Jethro pounds Palomas tight hole as Paloma goads him into fucking her harder and faster. Once shes had her fill, its Jethros turn. She brings out a

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