Slag Angels On Wheels Episode 3

( )
Lena Kelly 28
Natalie Mars 39
Natassia Dreams
Pierce Paris
Shiri Allwood 30
Anal BDSM Hardcore Pornstars Shemale and Male Shemale Domination

In the 3rd episode of the Slag Angels, Queen Sheeva Natassia Dreams returns to the clubhouse to warn Phoenix Lena Kelly and Paloma Natalie Mars that the Feds are hot on their trail. Paloma informs the group about Tom Pierce Paris, an undercover FBI agent asking too many questions. Tom claims he wants to become an honorary fuckboy of the Slag Angels. Dolly Shiri Allwood is a new recruit who must prove herself by how she handles Tom. She gasps when she lays her eyes on Toms massive cock. Paloma joins Dolly, taking turns sucking Toms cock. Phoenix and Queen Sheeva rub their titties in Toms face. Hes about to come, and thats time for Queen Sheeva to call a halt to the action. Tom isnt cumming, at least not yet. Down on his knees, Tom is surrounded by Slag Angel cock. Sheeva orders him from one cock to the next. The Angels jam their cocks in Toms face hole. Sheeva then demands he worship their asses. She shoves Toms face into Dollys ass, then Paloma, then Phoenix, and back again. Lick her ass! His head is yanked to and fro--he cant keep track of which hole his tongue is rimming. Unaware that his cover is blown, Tom allows himself to be tied up. Helpless on his back,

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