The Best Boyfriend

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Thaysa Lopes
American American Tgirl Big Cock Black

Whats a girl going to do! You hook up with a guy, and then find out the bum makes less money than you do, and wants you to pay for his dinner. When youre horny, hes always too tired or playing on his Xbox, and when he goes out with his friends you dont know if hes cheating on you! When you do get some action, his cock sucking skills are at the best average, and his asshole is so worn out that you can barely touch the sides. Fuck that, Thaysa Lopes knows how to do it. A small investment and shes got a toy mouth that really knows how to suck her like she needs, and she has more time to go to to keep her arm strong so she can pump herself as long as she wants. And when it gets sloppy and worn out, she just tosses it in the bin and buys a newer model. The best boyfriend.

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