A Night With DLondonn

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I like to think a night with DLondonn would be something special. There is just something about her, I think its her eyes which just beg me to get close to her. Id like to rub her all over with baby oil and give her a massage, starting with her feet and working up to those big, thick thighs and getting her balls and cock all oily, before going to work on her boobs... which I could spend the rest of the night playing with... but as she flips over, I get more massage oil out and start to knead and rub her back, appreciating the moans coming from her. I slide down, my hard cock sliding against her legs and ass, as I massage those big buns, and slowly let a finger or three slide between her cheeks and nudge on her asshole. My other hand reaches around to her cock, and as I finger her asshole, I stroke her cock eventually giving her a very happy ending.

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