Cloudy Vis Princess Diary

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Cloudy Vi
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Dear Diary, Today was a good day. I put on my sexiest little mini skirt, white stockings and cut off top and went out into the town, to see the towns people, survey my lands and collect taxes. First stop was a farm that owed taxes but when I got there I saw this big, sexy farmer and thought to myself, My Cloudy, he might fun for a while, so I had my servants bring him to my room. Well he was surprised. I just wanted him to lick my boobs and my sceptre for a while, but when I saw the almighty bulge in his peasants pants, I thought, well lets see what he has in there, and only minutes later Im sucking on his big cock, while his tongue is in my royal asshole! Well this Princess needs a seeing to! So we had the most wonderful sex, his big cock went right up my royal heinie and did it feel good. Well Id like to say wed live happily ever after, but the rapscallion turned into a frog after he deposited what he owes in taxes in me.

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